Corruption of the highest level

The birth of The Advertising Currency

One of the things I constantly tell people is that there is no industry more corrupt than that of advertising and marketing. People have tried to argue this point with me, but still all other corruption fails in comparison.

What if to start a department store you had to get permission from walmart? Then you had to pay walmart to be able to run your store? Of course walmart would make the rules for your store! Still yet you will have to compete with them for business!!

Unfortunately what most people don’t realize is that this exactly how the industries of advertising and marketing work.

It doesn’t matter if your are Disney with your array of marketing teams and platforms others pay to you market on, nor if you are facebook with over a billion users. It doesn’t matter if you are a social network, a small time marketer or a major corporation.

Everyone pays the same one company in marketing and advertising, and they have to further compete with that company for their business. That company of course is Google.

Problems with Google

Now as if its not bad enough that one single company is so large virtually every other company on earth has to play by their rules, but the sad truth is its a company that gets things wrong more than they get things right.

For example, google has never made a truly successful social platform. They just kept throwing things at a wall until something stuck.

Arguably the only reason for the success of the Google+ platform is because of Google Hangouts, one of the only successful social projects they have had.

In terms of marketing however, they have never been able to merge advertising to being social.

Here is a list of some of Google’s failures:

  1. Google Buzz
  2. Google Notebook
  3. Jaiku
  4. Dodgeball
  5. Google Wave
  6. Google Answers
  7. Google Catalog

This list could keep going and going. The truth is, Google doesn’t really understand social, and they try to bluff it by copying others who do. It rarely works.

The Path of a Purchase

Most people, even the experts who study marketing data, overlook the path of a purchase.

Vastly the numbers put out by research firms are done so because they are seeking specific data, and they want the results of that data to be what they hope. They often overlook if the data is relevant at all.

For example, while studies indicate more purchasing done online than ever, and more research before making decisions on major purchases is being done, they fail to show a lot of in between data.

Did you know that 92% of all decision making of purchases happens offline not online? Did you know that in addition nearly all research done on purchases is done in the way of reading reviews? Second to that is video research and third is articles.

Advertising online plays little role in the overall decision making process.

The Beginning of a Project

Understanding all of these things is what birthed The Advertising Currency. Having looked at other solutions to this problem I found that there actually were none.

There were others trying to create advertising platforms in the cryptocurrency space, but none that addressed the issue of having to play with google and obey their rules.

None that had a real understanding of the marketplace and how to stand a chance against such a corrupt industry.

The plan I came up with was different than others, and the team we built is different than other teams.

Corporation vs Community

Combating Corporate Funds

As a corporation that has been collecting data about websites for nearly 20 years, Google is hard to really battle with. The resources they have are unmatched anywhere on earth.

They have their hands in more industries than any other company.

To take on a corporation of such magnitude takes a HUGE community and HUGE amount of financing.

For financing we have created The Advertising Currency ICO. Our goal is to raises between $1 million usd and $40 million usd.

You can read about what exactly our plans are for that money by checking out the blog post contracted advertising on our blog for TAC Token.

Making a Community

No matter how much gets raised in funds, funds are not enough. Google has so much data that it takes more than mere money. It takes a giant community of activists who want to see this level of corruption stopped.

It takes building a community around an idea, and people who actively want to help, not simply people who passively invest in idea’s.

It takes us getting bloggers involved who willingly create articles about our project, our community, The Advertising Currency, and its goals. We need to get the cryptocurrency news sites posting about our project within their pages. We need to get mainstream journalists talking about the project.

These are things that cost tens of thousands of dollars — more depending on how far you want the exposure to reach. Those fee’s never end.

Paying for these types of publications is a bad way to do things. We need to get these people involved with our community and our mission. We need them to see a Google free world is a real possibility — but they have to be willing to help.

Its not just authors either. We need people creating social groups of their own about our project. We need people creating communities on facebook, google+ and similar networks. We need graphic artists creating infographs and posting them on instagram.

We need people willing to send out to their lists about our project, willing to tell their members, and otherwise willing to get involved and be part of our community.

Our official launch of The Advertising Currency is Dec 1. We have a TON of community building to do until then.

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